Incomplete Princess Book

Irina Popova
21 september 2016

It is not easy to be Irina Popova. There are more than 8000 other Irina Popova’s, my full namesake, registered in Vkontakte.org. If you google me, you will bumb into an eternity of little girls or over-ripe ladies who are flooding the internet with their banal posed photos. They all have a firm right to exist. I started saving photos of Irinas with a passion of an obsessed collector. Secretly, I wanted to discover myself in some of them, and to disclose the mystery of a unique human life. I noticed all Irinas seemingly want to be princesses, using the internet as a modern analogue of show-off ball in order to find their prince. The more Irinas I found, the more intrigued I became. Lees meer

Happy marriage is the only measure of success for a Russian girl. They share their photos publicly in trying to be closer to their dream: to be the best, the unique, the only one, the happy and complete princess. The pressure of society to be a princess is unavoidable. My first feeling looking at photos of all other Irina Popovas was a strong repulsion, and questions about the existence. Why is there so much bad taste, so primitive, limited interests? Then I realized that these people are just trying to be happy on their own way, and that these photos are created under the pressure of an “urge to live”.

Irina Popova